Bed Bugs Sprays Reviews

Bed Bugs Sprays

September 16th, 2010 at 9:28 pm

Bed Bugs Sprays Reviews

We put together a review site for the most well-known brands of bed bugs sprays. Hope it helps.

BestYet the safest
Economically priced at $29.95, this is the safest and the most effective bed bug spray to ever hit the market today. It not only kills bugs on contact but also its eggs and larvae in one simple treatment. It automatically dissolves it even with one application. Along with its active component of Red Cedar Oil and quartz rock, you can be assured that no chemicals are mixed in and it is safe to the skin. Not only that, it is strong enough to kill pests but gentle to the body and also 100% bio-friendly. With such, this has been tagged as the number one Choice of Bio Based Non Toxic Chemical Free Pesticides by the USDA. This has also been recognized as the Product Of Choice by various hotel chains in the country. If you still find this insufficient, they also have a 30 day money back guarantee.

100% natural
The Patrol Bed Bug Killer is 100% natural that has been proven to eliminate bed bugs. This does not contain any harsh chemicals that might harm our body. It comes with an easy spray application that is very convenient to use on any bed surface and cracks. This eventually eliminates bed bugs in just a few minutes of application. Consisting of Euginia Carophylla, Mentha Piperita, and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate from Coconut Extract you can be assured that it is definitely natural hence paving to its safety to individuals and even infants. In case you are into aroma, this actually smells great unlike other pesticides in the market. In addition the ingredients are also 100% EPA exempted from registration. In case you are still in doubt they also offer discounts and even a 60 days money back guarantee along with a promotional price tag of only $24.95.
Killing bugs flat
With its slogan of 'killing bed bugs flat dead' it actually have lived to its expectations in leveraging itself in the bug spray market scene. As such this technically doesn’t repel or even control bed bugs but rather kills them in an instant. This also targets bugs egg and prevent them from maturing. This is non-toxic and a bio-based product. This signifies that this is completely safe for home use even for your children and pets. It is also relatively gentle to your bed fabrics such as your pillow cases and blankets. Aside from that it is also naturally safe for the environment as its general ingredients are composed of purely organic materials. This in turn imposes no threat or pollution to nature. Priced at $19.95 which is considered the cheapest cost with regards to bed bugs spray, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t think twice in purchasing this one.
Revolutionary and
If you are considering a revolutionary and unique methodology in dealing with bed bugs, the Kleen Green is one definite solution. Most pesticides that we have in the market are actually targeting the pest’s nervous system which oftentimes is ineffective. However, Kleen Green tackles the other aspect which is the protein component of the insect. It is a fact the insects are made up of high protein concentration. When this particular spray is induced, the enzymes act causing the insect to prematurely molt and die. This eventually sets the product apart as it has preformed enzymes with low toxicity making it safe and gentle. It also leaves no toxic residues. Made up from a broad spectrum of organic enzymes like protease, cellulose, lipase and amalyse,the Kleen Gree is definitely one good natural alternative to pesticides and other toxic products in the market. Priced at $19.95, this can also be one cheap option.
Fastest and
Diatect a well known brand of naturally produced items have developed their own bed bug killer in line with their wide array of effective insect control products. This particular item promises fast action killing of possible bed bugs in a matter of minutes if we are to compare it with other items in the market that takes days and even weeks to see results. If you are also particularly concerned with smell, the Diatect exudes a citrus scent which is pleasant to the nostrils. In addition, this can also be used as a wettable powder thus leaving no residue after application. What’s even nice about this particular product is it is cost effective at the price of $24.87. You can also save more if ever you will buy in different package deals. With their confidence in their product, they are even offering money back guarantee at the longest possible span of 90 days.
Different roles at a
Sterifab is tag as an item that can fit different roles at once. As such, this does not only kill bed bugs but also other insects as well. It actually consists of a long list of applications such as the capability to kill bacteria, germs, mold, fungis and mildew. Aside from its effective killing abilities, it also acts as a deodorizer and disinfectant. As a bed bug treatment, it also comes with a spray that enables you to easily apply to your mattresses and beds. Absolutely no dilution or other common preparation required. It can also be applied to your carpets, fixtures and even vehicles. With its fast drying capability until 20 minutes, this leaves no residue to the surface. It is also non toxic and safe to use even when children are around the vicinity. Depending on the volume desired, you can get one for as low as $33.
More than bed
If you have more concerns other than the current bed bugs you have right now, the Bedlam Insecticide would be the most convenient option. This particular product can kill lice and nymphs that may not necessarily be present on your bed. It even kills dust mites as well. As such this can be used indoor as it is safe to use. Humans and animals alike would surely not be infected in case of contact. It can also be applied for crevice and crack treatments on your floorboards, headboards and wall. This is water based that leaves no stains on any surfaces. Much more it is also non irritating and is perfect for spot treatment. Considering it has low chemical content of dicarboximide and phenoxybenzyl at 1.60%, this indeed proves safe for use by humans. The lowest possible deal you can pay for this brand is $16.74 with their 17oz can size.
Dforce HPX
Should you be more disturbed with other insects crawling on your bed aside from the usual bed bugs that you might encounter, the D-Force HPX can be one good solution. It contains Deltamethrin which is a powerful ingredient in killing ground termites, bedbugs and other 50 insect species like ants, bee cockroaches, fleas, gnats and more. What even sets this product apart is its killing capability to last as much as eight weeks. It even offers 100% insect control within that specified span of time. However, upon application it would be best to take away your pets in the area where you will spray it as it can last for weeks. This residual action might harm your pet in a way or another. Practically priced at $16.75 this can be your all around tool at your house.
Suspend SC
Results and
Considered one of the best selling liquid concentrate for insecticides, the Suspend SC is one clear manifestation of results and excellence in terms of killing bed bugs. Much more, this can also control and kill other insects we commonly know like ants, spiders, flies, roaches, mosquitoes, beetles and more. Even with a concentrate of Deltamethrin, this actually leaves clear residue on surfaces thus good for targeting other furniture beside your bed. It also has a longer staying period that can last up to three months. This is due to the fact it contains pure micro-crystals that allow it to stay on the surface rather than br absorbed in the materials. Hence, it is also effective in killing other insects on that spot as long as it can probably last. This is also an excellent general purpose pesticide perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It is priced at $44.50.
Rest Easy
Intended for frequent travellers and individuals fond of going on a journey, the Rest Easy can be your best ally against bed bugs. As such when you are travelling, you are likely to pick up bedbugs from hotel rooms and other places where you would stay. In that case, when you come home from your travel, you can opt to spray this item to avoid bed bug infestation. Aside from that, this is made of natural ingredients hence perfectly safe even for everyday use. This is mainly consists of lemongrass oil and cinnamon oil. Its promise to its consumers is 90% eradication of bed bugs within a span of five minute of contact. The longest possible duration would be 30 minutes. It also has a pleasant cinnamon scent setting it apart from other foul pesticide brand in the market. Priced at $12.95 this is perhaps the cheapest spray you can find.


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